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Web Design

NU LUXURY LABELS – eCommerce Website

The Brief

We have worked with NU LUXURY LABELS, an online luxury consignment store based in San Francisco, to create a clean and beautiful brand that can be used over a plethora of colour ways. The aim of this brand was to ensure it was reflective of fashion sector and the luxury lifestyle that their customer either has, or aspires to have when buying these luxury products.
We were also tasked with creating a website, in which the product was to be made the key feature, whilst also being easy to navigate for customers. The Client wanted the design of the website to make a statement that is representative of their product and lifestyle.

Our Process

Working alongside the Managing Director of NU LUXURY LABELS, we were able to gain an understanding of the customer profiles and distinguish how best to present the products to create the desired luxury feel. In order to make a clean visual catalogue of products, we began by looking at and standardising how the products can be viewed, the amount of images per product and the strict positions that they will be placed in. Additionally, as a part of the back-end of the website, we have had to code in multiple API’s and look at processes we can put into place for online consignment, which required some PHP coding.

The Solution

The final product, that is currently live, has become a large e-commerce and consignment store that retains the the luxury feel, allowing the product to speak though the lifestyle photography. The Brand is modern and memorable and uses the Brand Guidelines to its advantage. With a seamless and recognisable user experience, from the front page to the shopping bag (cart), everything has been created with luxury and simplicity in mind.

Brand Creation

Quy Mill Hotel & Spa Cambridge – Re-branding

Quy Mill Brand

The Brief

The Quy Mill Hotel and Spa, part of the Best Western Hotel Group reached the Gold standard, which allows for the Hotel to use their own branding. Tony Murdock – General Manager of The Quy Mill Hotel and Spa, came to us to looking for a rebrand that would best represent the eclectic interior and beauty of the exterior of the Hotel. When creating a brief with Tony, it was apparent that the colour palette would be hugely influential on the hotel.

Our Process

Our Designers started by developing an understanding of the local area, Stow-Cum-Quy, and the Hotel. With this knowledge we were then able to begin looking at shapes, colours, the competition and consider how the brand would work alongside ‘The Cambridge Roar’, an event that is hosted at the Quy Mill. We also looked at typefaces that presented a clean modern approach with classic references, that would reflect the high quality tone that customers of the Quy Mill Hotel and Spa have come to expect.

The Solution

The final brand uses a script style ‘Q’, which reflects the undershot Water Mill that is an integral part of the Hotel. The colour palette that we chose was a minimalistic black and white, tones that allowed the photography of the hotel to stand out, complimenting each area photographed for print work e.g. Bar Menu’s and Wedding Brochures.
Our design created a tabbed logo that always stays at the top of the page. This makes reference to Black tie service, demonstrating a high quality within the market sector. There is a tint of black used to create a translucent ‘Q’, reinforcing the brand at any left hand corner that there is too much white space, softening any harsh edges and creating follow around any printed stationary.

Graphic Design

The Cambridge Roar – A Festival of Charitable Events

The Brief

Having worked with the Cambridge Roar since it’s launch in 2014, we are tasked each year with working on developing the branding and design. The Client required us to create event icons, which would serve the purpose of promoting the various events being held at the Cambridge Roar, whilst also presenting it’s playful environment. Additionally, we were given the responsibility of producing all flyers, leaflets and brochures for the event.

Our Process

The creation of 2016’s event icons for The Cambridge Roar was centred around creating a playful environment. The Cambridge Roar’s mascot, Roary, is at the forefront of the brand and this year we wanted to extend his personality. The main branding of the year’s events focuses around Roary with a paintbrush, making alterations to the brand to make it his own. This theme was followed through in the iconography, which followed a hand drawn style, allowing for greater freedom over photography-based iconography.

The Solution

The final product perfectly embodies the light-hearted and playful atmosphere of the Cambridge Roar, particularly through the use of a hand drawn style and the Cambridge Roar’s signature bright colours. The iconography is both memorable, informative and easily recognisable as a part of The Cambridge Roar brand.

Digital and Print Marketing

Examples of Print and Digital Marketing Material

We work on a huge range of different media, involving both digital and print. These are just a few examples of the type of work that we do. In addition to the above examples, we range from HTML emails, Marketing and Project Management, Full Office stationary printed, to Print Management.

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